Cemco Systems conducts two types of search assignments, contingency and retained search.While each demands our commitment to the highest standards of recruiting and selection expertise, they do vary in degree of difficulty, the time and services needed, and the method of fee payment.After our evaluation of your specific situation, we recommend the type of search that we feel will best suit your needs. At this point we will detail any services needed, estimate the timetable of the search process, and establish our fee requirements and guarantee period.Our fee for either method is based on a percentage of the candidate’s initial annual compensation. We submit a letter to each client detailing the terms of our agreement.

Retained Search

Retained search is suggested when confidentiality is essential, a search will be complex, time restraints exist, or openings that involve rare and difficult to find skill sets. The retained search necessitates  top priority within our organization and deserves the most advanced, comprehensive and time-efficient services necessary to provide a “short list” of qualified candidates quickly. The candidates will have been thoroughly screened on the phone, interviewed, and will have undergone an extensive reference and background investigation (when requested by client) prior to presentation. Technical ability and personality traits will be evaluated specifically for each client. Psychological testing is also available at client expense.

Retainer clients are assured that any candidates they are interested in will not be presented to any other clients unless they are rejected by the retained client. In addition to a resume, each presentation is accompanied by a written evaluation of the candidate’s background, skills, and suitability for the position. There is an extended guarantee period on all retained searches.

This method of search requires payment of a non-refundable retainer at the signing of our contract, which will also specify the entire payment process, with the balance due on completion of the assignment (the day the candidate accepts). We will document all expenses that are to be reimbursed by the client. A multiple hire requirement could be structured on an annual contract supported by a monthly retainer or on a retained project basis. The choice is the client’s and depends on the situation.

Contingency Search

Contingency search is suggested when it is determined that the candidate identification and selection process will be less complex and the client is not concerned about first right of refusal (i.e., we can present a candidate that you are interested in to other clients). Candidates for these searches are phone screened and interviewed and a detailed resume is presented to the client. Reference checking will typically occur at the offer stage when there is mutual interest between a candidate and a client. Contingency search assignments are backed by our standard replacement guarantee.

Our search process is thorough, direct, and carried out in complete confidence. Your company’s name is not revealed until we certify candidates’ qualifications and their interest in the position. This protects you from unauthorized and time consuming inquiries.

A Typical search involves three basic steps:

  1. Recruiting candidates nationally through our established referral network and other sources, including direct competitors and contacts in related industries.
  2. Screening all candidates by phone or, if possible, interviewing them at our office.
  3. Presenting the most qualified candidates to you, outlining their strengths and weaknesses, and coordinating all interview logistics.

Throughout the search, you are in contact with a single account executive that understands your specific needs. In addition, a second account executive is designated to serve as a backup in case of illness or travel. You are always talking with people who know the status of your search.